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Joy of India is Adelaide based fine dining Indian restaurant, serving the authentic Indian cuisine since 2012. Located in the heart of the city of Adelaide and Torrensville, Joy of India offers a mesmerizing experience backed by our centuries old recipes. Our menu is a unique blend of ethnic and progressive Indian recipes offering meat, chicken, seafood and vegetarian dishes. Our team is comprised of professional chefs from India and all our foods are cooked using fresh, whole-some ingredients and traditional Indian herbs and spices. Each of our dishes has its special sauces and seasonings made on the premises. Our high quality meats and vegetables are all natural, served alongside our signature naan/roti, baked fresh every day. We use Charcoal Tandoor to Cook Fresh Naan Breads and Tandoori Dishes to enhance the Chargrilled flavour and Finished fat free cooked meat dish. We offer a wide variety of soups, drinks, salads, appetizers, entrees, breads and desserts.

We offer enjoyable, memorable dining experiences, delicious Indian cuisines, exciting interiors & stylish hospitality in a sleek, contemporary setting and, perfect for intimate gatherings and business meetings to spectacular events, with a personal service in a friendly & welcoming environment.

We always have a great range of daily and seasonal specials

Meet our kitchen chefs

Chef – Chandra Prakash Semwal

A creative chef, who is grabbing eyeballs in Adelaide, one of Australian gourmet destinations is Chandra Prakash Semwal! A rare combination of exceptional culinary skills and a sunny disposition, Sam, as he is popularly referred to, is a passionate young chef who puts his all into each plate.

Having honed his culinary skills while working in some of the finest kitchens and cruise ships, Sam is a remarkable chef. During his bright career he has worked in some very prestigious hotels in India, UK, USA and Australia.  Today, he is the Head Chef at ‘Joy of India’, Adelaide. He is famous for producing some truly mouth-watering classic Indian dishes while maintaining the Authentic flavours.

There is more to Sam than a deep knowledge of food – his culinary repertoire  and charming persona. He just doesn’t whip up delectable traditional Indian fare but is always striving to produce exceptional culinary delights by adding interesting twists to his cuisine. He is obsessed with improving and enhancing the taste of gastronomic delights, experimenting with various ingredients and coming up with creative menus. All these qualities plus his edgy approach to providing customers with fine dining experience has won him huge applauds.

Chef -Vijayprasad Nautiyal

Vijayprasad Nautiyal is a passionate young chef who offers an interesting and innovative approach to Authentic Indian cuisine. He is currently working at ‘Joy of India’, a signature Indian restaurant in Adelaide that is fast gaining the reputation of providing diners with Indian cuisine.

Filled with culinary creativity, Nautiyal’s aim is to elevate the diners’ entire experience. His dishes reflect his passion for tweaking India’s classic recipes and perfecting them into contemporary masterpieces that diners savour with delight. Chef Nautiyal has expanded the offerings at Joy of India to include an array of nutritious dishes delicately sprinkled with fresh herbs and spices to satiate the taste buds.

There is more to Nautiyal that meets the eye!  During the 13 odd years of his culinary journey, Nautiyal worked in multiple capacities at some of the fine dining restaurants of India and abroad. He soon moved up the ranks and is today touted as a multi-talented chef. Having worked at every level of the restaurant industry, Nautiyal has never shirked from using his in-depth knowledge and vast experience in executing stellar service to the very frequently packed house of diners at Joy of India. Undoubtedly, Chef Nautiyal is an asset to any restaurant no matter how big or small.

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